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Mouth Open

nervous__girl in prseason3

episode four

this week's recap is on time! wooo.

and surprise surprise, it's all spoilery so don't read it if you haven't seen the episode and all that.

Episode 4: You Reap What You Sew

so this challenge was simple-simple-simple. basically the designers worked in teams of three to make a three-piece outfit for Macy's (and for some reason I still can't get over Macy's sponsoring PR this season instead of Banana Republic). there were four teams, the leaders being Angela, Bonnie, Keith, and Robert.

Angela picked Laura and Michael (good job saving yourself, Angela).
Bonnie picked Uli and Bradley (to be fair, Bradley was last and she didn't actually want him on her team).
Keith picked Alison and Jeffrey.
Robert picked Kayne and Vincent.

first I would like to point out for all of you who don't know, someone went home in this episode and not because they made something ugly. Keith was asked to leave because he had some fashion how-to books and left the set to go use the internet for several hours. this whole incident was the highlight of the episode (you know PR is getting sad when they have to hang on designer drama for me to want to watch it) and Keith left quietly. I am disappointed in the sense that he was one of the top competitors, had some of the most talent and vision, etc., but on the other hand it's quite satisfying to see this asshole leave for all his lying, cheating, and evil personality. this left Alison and Jeffrey to work out his design and vision all by themselves, which I commend them for doing.

so other than that, this episode actually made me yawn, because everyone just keeps getting more and more BORING. buuut... let's take a look at what they came up with, since that's my job and all.

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Angela, Laura, and Michael
Angela won. I'm in a little bit of shock, to be honest -- but not as shocked as she was, so that proves how much she sucks and that she would have lost without Laura and Michael. anyway, this outfit is okay, but the pink shirt looks much better when it isn't tucked in (it was displayed this way in the window at Macy's). I wasn't thrilled with this (or any of the others, honestly), but it seems very Macy's to me and all that. the jacket looks great. oh, and also, to the outfit's credit, I didn't even notice the lovely rouching on the shirt sleeves until I saw this outfit on Macy's website, but that's probably just because I am sometimes unobservant. anyway, this probably was the best outfit this episode, but that in itself is a sad fact.

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Bonnie, Uli, and Bradley
Bonnie was out, which bothers me. I don't think the design of this was bad or anything (on the boring side, but still), but the most annoying thing is that team leaders are always automatically pinned with shit and anything that goes wrong with the outfits. it seems like only in the most extreme of cases can a teammate be up for elimination if they're not the team leader, so it was basically either Bonnie or Robert that had to go despite the fact that neither of them deserved it very much. Bonnie never turned out to be as loveable as I had hoped, so I'm rather indifferent to her leaving, but I thought this outfit was all right. I think the model should have opened the jacket or something as she was going down the runway and stuff. you know, I was seriously praying that since the judges wouldn't stop complaining about the pants and then half a second later Bradley admitted to doing the pants himself that they would just pin the blame on him and he'd be out. but no such luck for me, of course.

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Keith, Alison, and Jeffrey
the shirt for this outfit is definitely not my taste, but I can see its appeal, at least. it was a mediocre design that probably could have been better had Keith not left, but Alison and Jeffrey earned a LOT of points in my book for not only doing all of the work WHILE Keith was still around, but also finishing the same amount of work as all of the other teams and making one of the top outfits by themselves. this was a great job for just the two of them and I think they should have won just because of that. the outfit looks nice, but again, I am generally disappointed.

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Robert, Kayne, and Vincent
I don't understand why this jacket is so long, but it's okay because it looks super, super comfortable. that said, minus the jacket, this outfit looks like total and complete shit. it's boring as hell and looks really stuffy and exceedingly unoriginal. I think Robert should have lost for this monstrosity, but alas, the judges have never asked for my opinion. I want the jacket, though. a lot. I love the fricking cuffs more than I don't know what. but anyway, I thought the jacket was the only saving grace of this look and they're just lucky it was the most attention-grabbing part. but really, where was the Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting???


boring assholes. I won't be so quick to decide I'm going to dedicate myself to recapping an entire season next time, because no one here really seems to be anywhere near as endearing as anyone from the first two seasons. give me another Santino, dammit! or another Austin! I could definitely live with another Austin. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

also, I wonder how the judges feel about their least favorite guy from season two getting the most fame/publicity/attention from being on Project Runway. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

okay, well, I'll see you next week everyone. toodle~oo!


Re: Entertaining TV

meh, I'm very indifferent to them. Lauran gets kudos for always staying true to her style and personality, but I feel like she got uninteresting pretty quickly.
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