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Mouth Open

nervous__girl in prseason3

recap three will come soon

unfortunately, I am not going to have access to the internet tomorrow (spending the entire day at the beach), so the recap will not be until Friday or possibly even Saturday (but definitely Sat at the latest). anyway, when I post next, I will have officially seen the ocean in person for the first time in my life! I'm excited.

oh, as a little preview for my next recap... WHY THE HELL WASN'T BRADLEY OUT?! (AGAIN)

stay tuned for more complaints about Bradley!!


I am glad that Uli won this challenge. I loved her outfit. I wonder why Angela did not get sent home. Her outfit was tasteless.

Devil's Advocate

Since no one seems to like him, I'll be Bradley's defense. His outfit for this challenge, while some people may not like it, was very haute couture. It had a great shilouette, and though it screamed of simplicity, it worked. It was elegant, it was lineal (he did say it was for an architect) and it was minimal.

My personal favorite was Michael, and I for one am tired of the fact that his designs aren't getting the recognition they deserve. It was beautifully executed, very inspired and though the color wasn't my favorite, it was great to look at.

That being said, Allison should've won, and Angela should've gone home, her design was tasteless, I agree with Trump's daughter, she looked like a street walker.

Re: Devil's Advocate

i agree with basically every point you make.

i wish they hadn't kicked katherine off, i really liked her dress.

Re: Devil's Advocate

great silhouette? that waistline is too high or too low (hard to say since he obviously didn't really have a vision with this outfit, so you can't tell what he was trying to go for) and it looks like an ugly, frumpy, droopy version of Daniel Vosovic's "Inspiration" dress. seriously, it's ugly, unoriginal, and floppy with a crappy fit and unsophisticated colors.


nothing personal, I promise. I just hate him. :(

Hate him

But how can you hate him?! He's Shaggy from Scooby Doo, you just wanna take him home, give him a bath and haircut, and make him your designer slave for life...he makes clothes I happen to like, so works for me.

I stand by my comments, any fashion student would second them!

Re: Hate him

not "any fashion student". just like any other group of people, fashion students have different taste than others and may not necessarily like a grungy man in need of a shave and some talent. :P

...but of course

...I was joking :P
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