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Mouth Open

nervous__girl in prseason3

I'm sorry, everyone, but I'm thinking of not doing the recaps anymore.

I'm entirely unattached to this season -- I expected it to be as engaging as the first two and the people to be as interesting, but it's not so. I'm also busy with driving school and work, and I also go out of town a lot to see friends. if this season was like season two, this would really be worth doing, but I don't really have the desire to do it or the reason, honestly. yeah, I've got opinions on it, but so does everyone else and I'm not really any different. the PR fans who really care are watching the show themselves, not just reading these recaps, so it's really just unnecessary.

unless I get an overwhelming amount of really convincing replies to this, I'm deleting this community laater this week. thanks to those of you who did read it, and happy watching. :)


Make it Work!

I could take over the community if you're no longer interested in doing the recaps. I still love the show, and the people. I'm really not into comparing one season with the other, contestants from one season to the others, I mostly love it for the fashion and the experience of watching creativity and inspiration develop. Let me know.

Re: Make it Work!

thanks anyway, but I felt like this was less of a community and more of a rantplace. it could easily have been a regular journal instead of a community, so I feel like it was nothing but my ranting. if you want to start something up yourself, there's nothing to stop you though.
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